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Iran is  a country with  one of  the  highest inflation  rates in  the  world with  a collateral  based  financial  lending  system.  By  developing  a  broad  based  real estate  portfolio,  the  Marasi  family  has  been  able  to  protect  and  expand  its cash  flow  from  erosion  as  a  result  of  inflation  and  currency  devaluations, whilst at the same time, having at its disposal, numerous   real   estate   assets which  can  be  used  to  raise  funds  from  the  financial  and banking  sector. It Is  for  this  reason  that  the  Marasi  family has  been  able  to  fund  and finance numerous   cash   intensive   projects   over   the   years.   In   Iran‘s   current economic  environment,  it  is  foreseen  that  the  real  estate  portfolio  will  be used to fund and expand the importation of brands into Iran.

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